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I do not have an EPIRB and this is one of the main reasons!

I notice that Ever Ready are now producing AA lithium batteries (available 4 for about a fiver in Tescos) which are claimed to be OK until 2020 so the rather short service interval for EPIRBS should not be necessary if the right sort of battery is used.

I need my Mc Murdo battery replaced according to date stamped on it. If you decide to proceed with the service, upon receipt of your unit we will send you a copy of our order confirmation, & when the unit is ready we will call to arrange a convenient delivery date & if possible, take payment by a Debit or Credit card. For once, the RYA and also MCGA seem to be thinking along similar lines on this if what you read is to be believed.

I have just emailed Sartech with this reply :) Yes, we can service Mc Murdo EPIRB's, prices are as follows: Mc Murdo E3 Service (Non GPS) - 126.00 Mc Murdo G4 Service (GPS Unit) - 193.87 Return carriage (Next day) - 12.93 As I'm not sure which unit you have, I have quoted for both Mc Murdo units. With regards Sue Brown Sartech Engineering Ltd 13 Trowers Way Holmethorpe Industrial Estate Redhill Surrey RH1 2LH Tel: 01737 372670 Fax: 01737 772795Presumably those who service their own Epirb's, make their own flares and service their own liferafts as well? Vic Presumably those who service their own Epirb's, make their own flares and service their own liferafts as well?

Though now they are down to 180 new we are approaching the disposable EPIRB point which seems daft. once I eventually manage to dispose of the ones cluttering my shed I won't be buying any more.

It was certainly cheaper to have a liferaft serviced (64 plus replacements) there, than in the UK or (more recently) Malta.

EPIRBS have to be registered with your flag authority.

Wow - Mc Murdo charges 246 for the standard service replacement battery for my GPS EPIRB 406.

Seems excessive to me....captive audience comes to mind. Should potential buyers be warned in advance of buying an EPIRB what the ongoing costs will be?

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